The 9 Best Mexican Restaurants in Texas

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There’s no shortage of traditional Mexican and Texas-Mexican restaurants in Texas, so it’s hard to narrow them down to just a top list. From hole-in-the-wall restaurants to more popular establishments that specialize in authentic food, you’re sure to find a Mexican restaurant in the Lone Star State to satisfy your taste buds. The restaurants on this list have worked their way to the top by becoming iconic establishments, offering only the best and creating new infusions of Tex-Mex. Find your next favorite Mexican restaurant from this list of the best Mexican restaurants in Texas.

Fonda San Miguel, Austin

The same chef has been creating unique Mexican food at Fonda San Miguel in Austin since it opened in 1975. If the food doesn’t wow you, the decor will. Fonda San Miguel, with its beautiful patio and colorful but tastefully decorated interior, is the perfect place to enjoy delicious Mexican food served with handmade flour and corn tortillas. Mole poblano is a crowd favorite, while pibil cochinita, once an unheard of dish in the early days of this restaurant, is now a popular menu item at the San Miguel Foundation. In downtown Austin, it’s also close to some of the city’s main attractions.

Hugo, Houston

Owned by one of Houston’s top chefs, Hugo’s offers Mexican cuisine inspired by the life of Chef Hugo Ortega in Mexico. With an extensive menu full of unique and innovative dishes, this Mexican restaurant is perfect for adventurous eaters. Although the menu features more traditional dishes and is made to perfection, it’s the seafood dishes like the seafood cocktail or lobster tacos and the 10 daily moles that really put Hugo on this list.

Original Ninfa’s by Navigation, Houston

This Mexican restaurant is a Houston landmark. Original Ninfa’s Navigation is known as the pioneer of fajitas. You can’t miss the everlasting avocado and tomatillo salsa and the beef steak fajitas. Expect fluffy homemade flour tortillas that pair perfectly with traditional Ninfa fajitas.

Joe T. Garcia, Fort Worth

Joe T. Garcia’s is a Tex-Mex family joint venture that has been in business since 1935. Some things haven’t changed here, such as the classic menu and the “cash only” request. Nevertheless, this main attraction in Fort Worth didn’t make this list for nothing. The chicken and beef fajitas are mouthwatering and best served in Joe T. Garcia’s lush patio.

Mi Tierra Cafe & Bakery, San Antonio

A visit to Mi Tierra Cafe and Bakery is more than just a meal; it’s an experience. This San Antonio restaurant serves Tex-Mex cuisine around the clock, as well as traditional Mexican dishes. Grab a margarita, sweet bread from the dessert drawer, or a bowl of menu items while listening to a mariachi band. Mi Tierra is the perfect place for those craving Mexican food, no matter what time of day it is.

Herrera’s Café, Dallas

Herrera’s Café is the place to eat Tex-Mex in Dallas. It features all your favorite Tex-Mex dishes, from enchiladas to chimichangas. However, all guests start with a free bowl of beans. Many Herrera patrons choose the sour cream enchilada, which is a fan favorite.

L & J Cafe, El Paso

It’s not hard to find great Mexican food in El Paso. However, L & J Cafe is one of the most popular places in El Paso that stands at the top of the list, offering consistently delicious food. This lunchtime hot spot doesn’t have a particularly unique menu or an attractive appearance, but the cuisine will always be top notch.

Matt’s El Rancho, Austin

Matt’s El Rancho is a popular Mexican eatery in Austin. Opened in 1952 by former fighter Matt Martinez, Matt’s El Rancho has become one of the best Texas-Mex places in town. The sign outside Matt’s proclaims that Matt’s is “the king of Mexican food.” Matt’s menu has everything a Tex-Mex lover would love.

La Fonda on Main, San Antonio

In San Antonio, La Fonda on Main blends traditional Mexican dishes, Tex-Mex and modern flavors to create a unique menu. A modern take on Mexican food is what has made La Fonda on Main clear on this list. With dishes like spinach and mushroom enchiladas, sweet potato enchiladas or even shrimp in a pouring cream sauce with cactus-filled rice, you are sure to find a new favorite Mexican dish not found anywhere else.

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